A guest from Cambridge

A special guest at our school

Have you ever met a person from the U.K.? We have.


Alcuni alunni delle classi terze della secondaria di Martignacco hanno trascorso un’ora con un’ospite arrivata dal Regno Unito e hanno potuto “testare” la loro comprensione della lingua inglese. Si sono divertiti: leggete i loro commenti, please! 

On 20th December, we (Anna, Eva, Aurora, Anna Chiara and Jacopo) and some other students of the third classes met a special guest from the UK.

We spoke with her about travels, school, languages, job, the place she lives in and her life experiences. She told us about traditions and routines in the UK. We asked her some questions that we wrote during the week in class. We spent an hour training our English by practicing our pronunciation no matter our mistakes! She helped us and she spoke slowly.

For us it was a good experience because we had time to get ready for life because languages are the keys of the future!

(Class 3C): In our opinion, it was a really interesting and constructive experience. It helped us discover more about British life, culture and traditions. We also improved our speaking and listening competences in this language and we learned some new words as well! (Ylenia, Chiara, Tommaso, Emma and Giulia).  :) 

(class 3A): For us, it was a great and special experience because we’ve  never met a British person. At first we were very shy but soon we became more confident. She was very friendly with us and we felt more at ease.

We asked her some questions and she answered us really completely and clearly. We asked her some questions like how is life in the UK and how expensive it is.  (Chiara, Teresa, Camilla, Giulia, Giovanna and Nora).

Congrats to all the students!

Classi 3 A, 3 B e 3 C

Secondaria di Martignacco