Like at University

On 10th January 2020 a special guest came to our school in Martignacco: Dario Apolloni, Mrs. Ciarcia’s son. He studies Chemistry at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and he was our expert of biology for a week.

Dario taught us about viruses in English. First of all he presented a power point with some pictures and then we saw a funny video about the topic - “Viruses with the Amoeba Sisters”. Viruses, cell explosion, stimuli, reproduction, homeostasis, bacteria, attachment, replication? Now we understand the meaning of these words and we can use them. After three days he came another time in order to test us. We did the test together and then we asked him some questions. 

At the end our schoolmate Elia said something very clever: “Humans are similar to viruses because, like viruses, they destroy the host cell. In the same way, we are destroying our planet”.

This experience was challenging because Dario spoke English all the time. Thanks to the lessons of our Science teacher, Mrs. Castenetto, our English teacher, Ms Volpe and our German teacher, Mrs Ciarcia we discovered a new and more interesting way of learning biology and foreign languages.

We believe we are good students and we can improve a lot.


By Michele Sclauzero, Matteo Drius, Francesco Canciani

Classe 3B, Scuola Secondaria di Martignacco, 13 gennaio 2020